Logo Usage Guidelines


  1. Space around the logo
  2. Typography and font
  3. Logo Size
  4. Description of the logo
  5. Colours
  6. Alternate Logo Versions
  7. Logo Don’ts
  8. Recommended Applications

An exclusion zone around the logo has been created to protect its integrity. The height of the logo element that is 25% of the logo mark, as shown above, is taken as the guide to define the exclusion zone.

Font name for Roman Script: Myriad Pro Normal

Font name for Devanagari Script: Kokila

The relative ratios are to be maintained as shown above.

Digital: Minimum size: 30pixels(width)×34pixels(height inclusive of tagline text)

Favicon minimum logomark size: 16×16 pixels

Print: Minimum size: 10mm(width)×11.125mm(height inclusive of tagline text)


Only monochrome logo with white or black background is recommended as shown below.

Horizontal logo with logotype:

Square logo with logotype:

Circular Logo with logotype:

Devanagari Logo:

 Don’t Distort

 Don’t Move elements

 Don’t add elements

 Don’t remove any elements

✕ Don’t crop the logo

 Don’t rotate any part of the logo

 Don’t change the font or the font size


Visiting Cards: Recommended options for visiting cards are given below.