Coding And Robotics Education in Schools (CARES) Scheme



To incorporate Computational and Design thinking abilities, as well as programming, into school-level teaching in the state of Goa, in order to prepare students for the needs of the digital world of the twenty-first century.


The Directorate of Technical Education, in collaboration with the Directorate of Education, Government of Goa, has selected the following mission areas as vision catalysts in order to fulfill the above-mentioned vision.

  1. Working on relevant curriculum and syllabus to assist the student population at the school level in developing needed abilities in Design and Computational Thinking.
  2. In Government/Government-Aided schools, gradually build required resources (hardware/software/technical) by focusing on the mid-level school (standards VI, VII, and VIII) and then extending to additional standards as needed.
  3. By supplementing the present syllabus, students can get an appropriate degree of comfort with technology and tools in general.
  4. The use of computers for disciplines other than math.
  5. The capacity to use computational thinking abilities to program a computer to accomplish a complex problem.
  6. Developing appropriate DT/CT curricula for use in school settings.
  7. Involve students and teachers in hands-on design challenges that promote an action bias, encourage ideation, build meta-cognitive awareness, and cultivate active problem-solving. This Design Thinking would be accomplished by enhancing or supplementing NITI Aayog’s Atal Tinkering Laboratories Project. The technical personnel resources provided in this proposed program will assist students to prototype their ideas, boosting the same.