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Goa Codes 2024 will be held in 3 phases

  • Scheduled on : Tentatively on or before 16th March 2024.
  • Eligibility : Students enrolled for Class VI Elective Curriculum for A.Y. 2023-24
  • The Theme for the Competition :  

Coding Adventures: Craft an interactive story using the available  extensions in block coding. Imagine your virtual journey, a mystery to solve, or an imaginative world of your own.

  • Scheduled on :Tentatively in June 2024
  • Eligibility : 5 top entries at Lead School Level
  • The Theme for the Competition: 

Eco-Tech Vision: Showcase your vision for a sustainable future. Highlight the importance of environmental conservation.

  • Scheduled on :Tentatively in June 2024
  • Eligibility : 2 top entries at Taluka  Level are eligible for State Level
  • The Theme for the Competition:

Future Tech Envisioned: Imagine the technology of the future. Create a project to display futuristic innovation.

The details about the competition and the schedule will be made available on the website .

Rules for the competition

-Goa Codes 2024

  • The competition is meant only for three grades: Standards VI, VII and VIII who have enrolled themselves for Class VI Elective Curriculum for the Academic Year 2023-24.
  • Students have to participate individually and NOT as a team at Lead school Level and Taluka Level. At state level the top 2 winners of Taluka level will have to participate as a team.
  • A student can submit only one project.
  • The student has to do the project using block-based interface only.
  • For each of the above 03 phases of the coding competition, students would be required to use tools / technology learnt during class VI Elective Curriculum.

Prizes and Certificates

-For Goa Codes 2024

Certificates and merchandise will be awarded to the best 2 projects at Taluka level, and best 3 Team Projects at State level. 

E – Certificates will be awarded to all the students participating in the phase – I of the competition.

Winners List of "Goa Codes 2024" PHASE I - Lead School Level and Postponement of Phase II and Phase III

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